• It brings me great joy to work with artists/collaborators looking to strengthen their musical + lyrical content. Whether you are a producer with a solid track seeking a topline writer or an artist who wants to spend some time together sitting at the piano, I’ve helped a diverse array of visions come to life within a quick turnaround time. I’m excited to work with creative, unique artists with strong collaborative backgrounds. $150/hour for in-person writing sessions (2 hour minimum) as well as 1/2 of both writing + publishing.

  • For vocals only on already completed songs,
    – $300 per song (3 hours studio time max.) for your personal pitching/catalog purposes only (not to be released)

    For songs you wish to release with my voice included as a featured vocalist, my preference is that I’m brought in on the writing end, however, I’m open to considering all offers. 

    For submissions or questions, please contact  –  Thank you.