“I grew up surrounded by music, art, and palm trees,” says Juliet Piper. “As far back as I can remember I was hearing songs inside my head that didn’t exist yet in the outside world.”

The child of a professional rock musician and a music industry photographer, Juliet Grace Piper was born in Los Angeles, California, and grew up in the quiet suburbs of the San Fernando Valley. “My childhood overflowed with the scents of gardenias and roses,” she recalls, “and a cabinet that wouldn’t shut properly because there were so many albums inside.”

For years, she traveled with her family to support her father’s live shows and assisted her mother on photography shoots. As a teenager, she worked at her father’s and uncle’s live musical performances, running front of house while other members of her family worked lights, sound, and sales. On nights when she wasn’t working, Piper frequented local open mics throughout Los Angeles and played solo shows of her own.

“On my seventeenth birthday, I bought myself a guitar. Three weeks later, I played my first show. I had to look down at my hands the whole time and probably made a thousand mistakes, but it was the most exhilarating feeling to share my stories. To jump in and do something before being even halfway ready. There’s magic in that kind of boldness.”

In 2009, Juliet Piper’s music landed in the hands of world renowned KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer. He was the first to play her independently produced song “Rain” on the airwaves, sometimes bookending his set with another one of Piper’s early tracks, “Yellow House.” Around this time she released Honesty, her first of five EPs to date. As with all of her songs, Juliet single-handedly composed the lyrics and melodies, and played guitar, piano, and ukulele on the various tracks. She gives immense credit to Sean Cook, her Billboard-charting producer/collaborator of seven years, for creating a dreamy sonic landscape on which her songs have thrived. “Sean is able to read my mind and bring these songs to life in a way that makes my heart explode. He pushes me to grow as an artist. He has good judgment, amazing vision. He helps take everything to the next level.”

That next level opened new doors. Piper’s songs “We Loved” and “Better Now” found themselves placed on MTV and in various national and international short films. Number one radio station 99.1 in Peru, South America, played “Golden Hour” and “1904” in their Top 10 Countdown, bringing in a wide new audience abroad. The Hotel Café began noticing Piper’s captivating music and invited her to perform live on the main stage numerous times. Clothing brand Free People chose Juliet to showcase her work during their FP Loves Music spotlight music series, in addition to featuring her in an About a Girl article. They stated, “She was born to play music.” Prominent Los Angeles DJ Jim Nelson at 88.5 KCSN hopped on board shortly thereafter and has been a huge supporter of Piper ever since, playing Juliet’s songs often during his program. Juliet was a featured artist at KCSN’s live concert series, and at a showcase sponsored and produced by Guitar Center.

In 2016, inspired by the undeniable desire to evolve and grow, Juliet drifted away from the folk scene and entered the twinkly realm of ethereal pop. She married her love of music and contemporary dance with her release of “Inevitable,” a song/music video that caught the attention of EARMILK. “It’s rare that an artist comes out of the woodwork with the vocal swagger of a fledgling pop star, but somehow Juliet Piper has managed to pull it off. The independent L.A. singer-songwriter infuses West-Coast folk with modern, sultry synth to create an instantly likable pocket of indie hits.”

In late 2016, Piper shared a follow-up pop track, “Lion’s Den,” along with an accompanying voyeuristic music video. The piece is filled with layers of meaning that run deep beneath the surface. “I was aching to capture this feeling of fun and discomfort all tangled together. The unfortunate experience of caring for someone so strongly and going out of your way to be as provocative and interesting and sexy for them, and yet, knowing inside they don’t match the way you feel at all. I think everyone’s walked right into the lion’s den at one point or another. And hopefully after you do it once, you learn that that’s not what love, or fun, is about.”

Juliet is currently living in Los Angeles and is excited about her latest January 2018 release, “Good Love” – an original heartfelt pop/folk record centered around beautiful, real relationships. Like all of her independent releases, Piper is the sole writer on the track. The song was produced by Sean Cook with vocal and instrumental contributions by Jacob Ray. The stunning album art photography and music video are the work of Victor Salazar. “It’s a beautiful thing,” she says, “to create a dreamland with every ounce of my being and be able to invite people in.”

In the realm of songwriting, Juliet is co-writing with other top writers for pitching projects in Los Angeles as well as Nashville. She will be attending multiple songwriting camps and conferences Winter/Spring 2018.